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September 10, 2005


I used the Mindsystems ThemeReader to create a MindManager mind map and then used the MindManager Viewer to see the mind map. The combination worked like a charm. The Mindsystems ThemeReader even has a 21 day evaluation period so that you can try the software for free and produce as many MindManager mind maps as you like. Mindsystems ThemeReader is only $39!

MindManager Viewer and Mindsystems ThemeReader make a great combination. You can find the Mindsystems ThemeReader for the MindManager Viewer at this link:


The Mindsystems ThemeReader uses advanced thematic extraction technology to create a thematic signature of the documents major and minor themes. It them imports the information into a MindManager mind map. However, you can use the free MindManager Viewer to read the new thematic mind map of your document. You even get a Synopsis and Detailed Summary of the document right within the mind map. And you can locate any paragraph that has a theme in it simply by clicking on the Notes attachment to the theme node.

Enjoy your own personal mind maps with the MindManager Viewer and Minsystems ThemeReader now!

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