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February 24, 2007



Thanks for your comment. Now that I read my post again, I find that I might have been a little bit too passionate in my critique :) I’m glad to hear that we essentially agree. Thanks for listening. See you at SXSW.

Well, I think I agree with almost everything you said. The fact that my post (which I agree was way overly simplistic -- call it "valentine's day fever") gave you a different impression than I intended means I should have spent more time writing it.

I didn't use the word "user-friendly" in that post, because I don't believe that "What's Good For The User" equals user-friendly. We use the word (although I didn't say it in the post) "brain-friendly" to describe what we do.

But I stand by the idea that it's about what you help your users kick ass at. How they feel. For us, that *takes* seduction, curiosity, challenging, surprising... all the things that keep them turning the pages. But all that seduction and emotion-generation is not just for the sake of creating feeling... it is always in the service of helping the user do something.

When I say "nobody cares about you or your product", my point is that we have to look beyond that -- to see that it is STILL about how that product/company makes the person feel about themselves. If I'm interested in political statements, causes, open-source philosophy, etc. -- all things I believe ARE a huge element in places where passion exists, it is still--at the core--about what that means to the person.

Maybe it's bad semantics on my part, now that I look at it... in my effort to put the focus on the right place (it's not what they think about YOU that matters as much as what they think of THEMSELVES), it looks like I am muddling my own points.

I'll try to think more carefully next time -- since everything you said is almost exactly what I thought I was saying in that post! Clearly, I conveyed something I did not intend. I'm glad you pointed it out.


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