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July 23, 2007



Thanks for the info. This is indeed a pretty good pick-up.

Hi - Sorry for late response.

The list of companies (off the top of my head) that have used the SMNR include Coca-Cola, BEA, SAP, Novell and Belkin, among many other smaller companies.

Given that the SMNR is just 1 year old, that's pretty good pick-up in my humble opinion. ;)

Hey, thanks for mentioning my post. Appreciate it.

Like you mentioned in your other post, Micro pitching is still old school, using new tools. It's always been more about sociology than technology, however, the new tools extends our ability to reach people directly as well as through influencers. I've successfully used twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, etc. to reach both. But it's an art and requires more time and thought prior to using them.

Also, in regards to the Social Media release, yes! It's an exciting movement. Todd Defren, Shel Holtz, Chris Heuer, Shannon Whitley, and I have been on the soapbox preaching about SMRs for just about a year now. We've been writing and podcasting about some of the success stories out there. Here's a great link for you and your readers:


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