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October 14, 2007


Tim: Thanks for the hat tip. Hope you are well.

Hey Tim - thanks so much for your high praise of the Ford SMPR! In answer to your questions, we'll be tracking success (and spread) via the usual suspects - RSS feed subscriptions, Flickr and YouTube links & views, plus a few other proprietary tricks we have up our sleeves :-)

With this SMPR, we were seeking to provide tools and assets to enable bloggers and other content creators to discuss the 2008 Ford Focus. In other words, we weren’t trying to build a conversation, but rather join one that was already underway, and hopefully make it a little richer and better-informed with easy-to-access content. I know there's been some discussion about whether this is truly "social". Facilitating discussion seems pretty social to me, but I'll leave that up to the pundits to decide!

Finally, a quick note of clarification: SMG isn't actually a PR firm, we're a pure-play social media agency (one of less than a dozen in North America).

Thanks again for your kind words!

Maggie's SMR for Ford is an incredible step in the right direction. Kudos and props to her and her team.

As edglings, we also have to point out that social media is different from multimedia in the sense that it facilitates discovery and conversations through entirely different channels.

The goal, at least for for me, is to help SMRs complement traditional press releases and SEO in order to additionally reach people through the social tools they use today.

PR Newswire's multivu service has been offering a traditional online multimedia press releases that also attempt to provide social tools. However, it's still not quite what we're talking about, as it is only discoverable through the multivu site and traditional search engines. They key here is that it's not findable through social search or networks - unless someone takes the information and socializes it on their behalf.

Here's an example:

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