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January 11, 2009


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Starting in the 1600's there has been the glorification of thinking. It was at that time that the idea was proposed by some philosopher that all knowledge could be found by using logic and reason and that anything that was not logical or reasonable was either superstition or did not exist.

We see the full flowering of that idea today with the domination of Science and a material view of the universe that started by "accident". What I have said is a background for my saying that it is not always good to question things.

People used to believe that the Earth was flat because with the data they had, it was logical and reasonable to believe that. To the eye, where ever you went, no matter how far, the eye sees the earth as flat.

New data comes around and then people know that really the earth is a globe. The same thing happened with the idea that the Sun revolved around the earth. That was the logical and reasonable using the data they had available.

Does anyone seriously think that it would be good for people to question whether the earth is a globe and that maybe the earth really is flat, or that maybe the Sun really does revolve around the earth?

The clear fact of the matter is that God does exist. It is obvious from the Universe He created and also the wonder and complexity of Life.

The idea that many people try to promote that originally there was nothing and then there was a big bang (if there was nothing, what went bang". From this bang, the entire Universe evolved? and millions of years later, a living being with the ability to find food when there was no food (Only rocks and water before there was life.).

And since there was only one of these creatures it had to multiply through asexual reproduction (DNA strands as well as RNA and the other things and mechanisms to accomplish that had to be inside this creature from when it suddenly, accidentally came into being.

These things that are the backbone of the hypothesis of Evolution are so ludicrous that I have a hard time understanding how anyone can believe it unless they have no knowledge of Science or Mathematics at all,

So therefore to do as some kind of mental exercise, thinking about the possibility that there is no God is like encouraging children to think about the possibility that the Sun really does revolve around the earth or that the earth really is flat.

I like this.. people will think by themselves

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