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April 27, 2009


An article in this month's Dwell might interest you.


101 Airports: "Modern air travel is about far more than merely making it from point A to point B. The journey is the destination, and we take a look at airport design and how terminals are evolving: which innovations take flight and which are left grounded."

I don't know if I feel sorry for you or envy you for all that air travel time. Right now, I'm erring on the side of pity. :-)

I fully agree, I am actually a collector of mints, and in my recent trip to Amsterdam I returned to Singapore with a pocket full of them.

They are a perfect companion to waiting time especially in hotel check-out ques, airport check-in lines and in your experience the airport immigration. They make the wait a lot less painful.

For me now, I take it to the next level, by pre-judging the quality of service with the quality of mints.

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