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June 21, 2009


Hey, nice post. I am a mother myself and I started a review site about strollers after having so many issues with quiet a few different baby stroller brands. Feel free to check out my reviews if that's cool. http://www.cheap-stroller.com

Nice observations. I don't know how we possibly avoided Lullaby Lane last year, but we did. Needless to say we were still whole-heartedly sucked into acts of feverish baby product (mostly web) research.

We have since snapped out of our "meaningful" marketing-induced baby gear mania and now seek out real garage sales (Marin Catholic High School had a huge rummage sale where I allowed myself to get $1 and $2 baby clothes pieces - I couldn't imagine that 9 months ago but now that range seems about right.)

We watched many You Tube stroller demos as well last year...some were campy/farsical (like Lullaby's), some were in park settings with beautiful children, etc. But, yes, all were admittedly helpful in aiding our decision making. Ease of folding, detaching, etc. being a great demo vehicle.

Mr. H was definitely lured in by the technical specs. and cool factor. The Orbit caught his eye the most...but the price made me faint. It also looked like medical equipment to my eye - like a baby hospital bed.

I had one overriding requirement: a small stroller footprint. A big stroller makes me feel self-conscious.

We compromised on lots of bells and whistles (like cushy wheels) but are so far happy with our Quinny Zapp. The body folds into a bag and fits in the plane's overhead bin!

Mr. H is now lusting after a Bob Revolution (antithesis of Zapp), even though Mr. H is NOT a jogger. I have no idea why. Perhaps because it extends the metaphor of the all important two car garage to strollers...

It's so fun to see how you are approaching your fatherhood duties already! You definitely care! Can't wait till the baby arrives!

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