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July 18, 2009


Dear Iplot,

I believe that the 'future of capitalism' has to be a more social one - out of necessity. If established, traditional corporations ignore or misunderstand the many factors and 'influencers' you have alluded to in your blog, they will falter and hasten their own demise.

Those businesses that adapt to a more transparent model, one which is both socially (and environmentally) focused, as well as financially driven will prevail.

They will gain loyalty from increasingly conscious consumers, and ultimately will make good on the social and environmental responsibilities that society is already demanding from them.

These 'social businesses and enteprises' will help create a 'social economy', one which will demonstrate a more rounded, balanced and compassionate commerce.

A bit Utopian? Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But its already happening. These businesses are out there.
We're alreading building a marketplace for social businesses to interact, procure services and gain access to investment - visit ClearlySo.com for more info.

Simon Evill

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