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February 13, 2011


A more methodical analysis is awaiting, but at this point it is fair to say that social media and wireless technologies have played a essential role in the revolution, mobilizing, organizing, and accelerating the combined uprising, and bringing it to the world’s media attention.

This was such an interesting article. Way back about technology before, a few have given the knowledge. On the contrary when mobile phone emerge, development beyond modern technology was presented to various people. This phase gives the entire humane to develop the much complex idea that definitely
brought a more enhance segment of modern technology.

I'd love to hear you report back on just how much the trade show/conference attendees and participants practices the methods of these concepts. I often find it ironic how the infrastructure and other aspects of a conference force visionaries in attendance to have to modify-down to the "facility" (oxymoron). The references to flocking and schooling made me hearken back to a very influential read back in 1994 Out Of Control by Kevin Kelly....an amazing book to this day.

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